I just read a really compelling novel called My Name is Venus Black by Heather Lloyd.  This page turner really grips you from the start and all the way to the finish. Like my novel, Looper A Coming of Age, the book involves a young teenager with an ’80s setting.  EMail me to let me know what you think of the book.

I think I will read Normal People by Salley Rooney next.  Has anyone read this yet?

Caddyshack The Making of a Hollywood Cinderalla Story by Chris Nashawaty. How could I not read a book about the most famous caddy movie ever given I just wrote a novel about a caddie growing up in the 1980s? This book did not disappoint. It’s a rare book I can’t put down and this one distracted me from everything else (work, play, family) for two days. What made this such an interesting read was the backstory of the writers involved in the movie and where they came from to get to the pinnacle of the movie world. With great pace, the author covers the roots of the players behind the movie: Talented writers and actors from National Lampoon, Second City, Saturday Night Live, SCTV, Animal House. The on-set description of Caddyshack and the directorial debut by Harold Ramus reads like a skit from anyone of these classic comedies. Mr. Nashawaty is a senor editor and movie critic at Entertainment Weekly.