Life. Sucks. Big. Time.

Life sucks. Big time. Fourteen-year-old Ford Quinn has read The Outsiders, Robert Frost poems, and knows the song lyrics of every single Springsteen album. As he heads into high school, star-gazing poet Ford has fallen hard for an Egyptian Princess and become a caddy at an exclusive county club. With an amazing summer vacation ahead of him what could go wrong?


His family can’t afford life in the affluent Detroit neighborhood of Kensington Hills, and his dad’s get-rich-schemes are getting as old as his mother’s fervent self-improvement pop psychology. To top everything off, his chances of gaining entry into the popular Lund Gang appears as far away as the stars he sees through the telescope in his bedroom.

Will Ford Quinn’s quest to earn a caddy scholarship change the soundtrack of his life? Or will his encounters with cruel foils shatter his dreams and ruin his summer of firsts? This quirky, nostalgic coming-of-age novel will take you back to Space Invaders, Rubik's cubes, mixed tapes, and Iranian hostages and immerse you in the wonders of growing up in the summer of ‘80.

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